Blog Setup

March 16, 2010

This blog will be a document of my feelings, my emotions, my inner most thoughts, quite simply my perception of the world around me. I have decided to go in search of my own meaning to life. What ever life brings I wish to meet it as a free human, to live free and to die free.

Ok so here is the rough plan so far:- I am currently in the process of selling all of my possessions and then my flat. After that I will travel to Cambodia to help setup a computer literacy project for the the SSF I will stay here as long as I can be of assistance, and hopefully learn a bit of the local language.

As a photographer I will document my journey and the people that I meet, I can no longer believe the information that is streamed to me through the corporate media, i need to see and experience the world for myself. My only hope is that others will find this blog interesting enough to explore the world for themselves, to challenge what they are told, and to believe that they themselves can make a difference.

All change starts from within.

Peace & love

Dan x


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