Random thoughts (Connections)

March 17, 2010

I’ve started to notice how much I can be wrapped up in stupid tasks or thoughts. How these thoughts and worries can take me away from whats really important, sometimes I can loose my patience with people, or I just don’t want to talk to them. But why should I be like this, there is no reason, surly its far more important to have these connections with our fellow humans?

What has really happened that makes us not want to speak to another human being? I can’t be bothered, they go on so much, they only complain, what on earth has happened to us? There has to be something fundamentally wrong if these people are complaining, or we are too busy, or we just don’t care, there has to be something wrong with us if we cant see that another human being wants some sort of interaction with us.

Our very consciousness is being manipulated, we are living our lives either in the future of the past, we simply dismiss the present, but the present is where everything happens, its where change can be made, its where we are truly needed. Is it because we live our lives at such a fast pace? because we have disposable lifestyles? Why do we have to rush so much?

One thing I learnt while living with the Shipibo indians in Peru, was that when you rush through life, you miss all of the important lessons, the core lessons that bind your mind, body and soul together. When we are whole we can share ourselves with others, our fragmented existence can grow into something complete and and become more than it ever was, together we can make real change.

Peace & love



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