Friday 19th March

March 19, 2010

Well things are all go today…. Due to the bi-polar disorder I have been unable to work for sometime, technically I was still employed by my company, today however my paperwork came through to end all that. It’s a huge relief as thats one part of my life I can now put behind me, I’ve been trying to get that finalised for sometime.

So as well as selling all of my worldly possessions Im also semi-plannig my trip, trying to get photos done for the Exposure night in Glasgow, doing bits of DIY on my flat so I can get it on the market as soon as possible, seeing friends I’ve not seen in a while and attempting to learn a little bit of Mandarin. On the DIY side Im currently in the process of painting my floor (anyone who knows me will know that paint and Dan do not go mix well) needs must though.

With all of this going on it seems like a great time to revert back to a more basic diet, nothing too complex and low sugar intake (apart from natural sugars). This is beneficial in two ways, one the change is easier to take once on the road, and two it saves money. I cant even say i’m a student anymore :-S so its lots of home made soup, cuscus and plenty of water.

I’ve been looking at the things I’m going to take with me…. I still have way too much stuff, I need to reduce my gear down more, this means sacrificing more equipment and clothing. all of my possessions, equipment, toiletries, first aid kit etc, etc needs to fit into a 60Ltr bag, thats pretty damn small.

Right time to get painting again…..god help us all….

Peace & love dx


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