World conspiracy or not?

March 19, 2010

So whats going in in the world, is there a world conspiracy against the working class, is there plan for world domination and globalisation? Before I dive into this minefield of a subject, let me first share a little bit of background information about me.

Some people may see me as a bit of a hippy, Im spiritual in the sense that I listen to myself and simply follow what feels right, I don’t wear sandals (its too cold in scotland for them) I do believe in peace and love, I don’t have a beard and I don’t hug trees (although climbing them is still fun).

On the flip side, I come from a highly technical background, with over 10 years experience as a subject matter expert in both IT security and IT security audit, mainly within the banking arena. As well as providing advice to clients all over the world, I’ve also done work as an ethical hacker, computer investigations, network design, hardware and software support, telephony design and support, data recovery and various other IT related jobs.

What Im getting at here is that I don’t just believe what i’m told. I analyse everything and process the information, i test the data and the results and make the most informed decision I can.

So….. conspiracy’s

From the information i’ve looked at and what i’ve experienced here is what I know:-

1) War does not bring peace.
2) Every human has a right to be on this planet.
3) Debt is slavery.

War does not bring peace
Lets face it, if you are an intelligent person you know that violence only bring s more violence. The only thing that brings peace is peace, its that simple, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out… So with that in mind you really have to start to question why are we at war? Why question it, well quite simply it affect every single part of our life’s. Im not here to provide answers though, i think each person has to come to their own conclusion, these are simply my ramblings.

Every human has a right to be on this planet
Some may question my logic here but I stand by it. Every single creature, plant, organism has a right to be here, i know this because we are here. Again its pretty simple, your not going to need a PhD to follow this.

If everyone has a right to be here, then I would also be bold enough to say that everyone also has an equal right to the planet and resources that it has. (hey thats just my view) What gives someone the right to take a natural resource form the planet and either sell it to others or restrict the amount others can have? (i’ve not figured that out yet)

Debt is slavery
Ok here is one of the controversial ones, but again lets keep it simple (more for me rather that anyone reading)

If you have a society that only functions with currency, which is pretty much the entire world, it doesn’t take long to realise that if you are the sole producer of it and you control it, you can pretty much control anything that operates using it. But lets back up a second, our governments control our money supply don’t they? No not quiet, the world banks control the supply of money and they’re a private bank. :-O

In the IT security arena we would have a massive problem with this, it would be classed as a conflict of interest, you have a single entity controlling a core component that can affect the operation and function of the entire process. Money is such a powerful tool, and has such an influence on every single aspect of our life’s that I have to question how feasible it is to trust a private entity with the control, supply and production of it. As an auditor I would have to know what check and balance is in place to ensure that is it not misused. The problem is that those controls are not in place, there are regulations for banks, but a bank is different from the world bank who actually produces the money.

Anyone forced to operate within a system lacking these fundamental controls and without the option of an alternative choice is in a form of modern day slavery.

So i’ve rambled on a little here, and my head feels a bit more at ease, conspiracy or not, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way things currently are. I hope we can all agree on that. What you do about it is completely up too you, but either way you shouldn’t pay any heed to my rambling, ill keep analysing things and formulating my own views based upon how I understand the world. If Im not sure about something or I have questions, ill use my basic human instincts and not simply take for granted what others tell me.

peace & love



One Response to “World conspiracy or not?”

  1. I too believe people should come to their own conclusions as well as, I believe ‘something’ is going on. Although my ‘conclusions’ differ slightly than yours.

    Please, visit my blog to know a little about where my ‘conclusions’ are based upon.

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