Garmin GPS, Macbook Pro & Free Maps

March 21, 2010

While preparing for my journey, I am looking at ensuring I can update my GPS device while travelling.

Ok so here is the problem, I have a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx and a Macbook pro.
First of all the Gramin maps cost too much money, and they dont cover all of the area I will be travelling, secondly to convert them to work on the MAC is a bit of a pain in the butt.

My Requirement
What I need is a solution where-by I can transfer free maps onto my Garmin device, as and when I need them and without having to use a PC.

The Garmin device that I use can only take one IMG file at a time, again this wasn’t really convenient, I have a fairly a lot of space on the Garmin memory card and want to use it up with maps, meaning I don’t have to keep linking my Garmin to my laptop. To do this I need to be-able to compile multiple map IMG files into a single file, and load that onto the device.

There where a few different solutions out their on the web, but none of these really met my needs fully, so here is what I came up with.

Things you will need:-
A Mac
A Garmin GPS
Crossover (
GMaptool v0.5.0 Windows Setup (Windows GUI version)
Some free maps

  • 1 ) Install crossover onto your Mac, once installed open the application.

  • 2 ) Start CrossOver software installer, from the CrossOver Menu.

  • 3 ) Select Other Application.

  • 4 ) Select “Choose installer file” then select the GmapToolSetup050.exe file that you downloaded. (This will create the environment to run the GUI GmapTool)

  • 5 ) Create a folder in your Documents folder and name it “Garmin Maps”.

  • 6 ) Place your downloaded maps into a folder within this folder. (for example I have a folder called cambodia that contains all of my maps for this country)

  • 7 ) Go back to CrossOver and select CrossOver Application from the CrossOver Menu.

  • 8 ) Choose the GmapTool. Once open select “Add Directories”.

  • 9 ) Click on C:/ in the file name box insert a /

  • 10 ) Select /users /crossover /My Documents /Garmin / (the folder you created with your img files in).

  • 11 ) You should now have all of your img files listed. To join them click on Join”.

  • 12 ) You now need to specify the output directory and filename, to do this click on the “Output File” button. Add a / to the end of file name and call your file “gmapsupp.img“. So your filename box should contain something like “C:/users/crossover/My Documents/Garmin/cambodia/gmapsupp.img. Click “OK”.

  • 13 ) From the Join Tab click “Join All”.

  • 14 ) The file called “gmapsupp.img” will now be in your “Garmin Maps” sub-folder, or where-ever you told GMapTool to output the file too.

  • 15 ) To get the file onto your device check out the excellent post here:- The Woodwork.

Peace & love



4 Responses to “Garmin GPS, Macbook Pro & Free Maps”

  1. Anonymous said

    Can you provide more information on this? cheers

  2. What information do you need ? 🙂

  3. It is always great to share the innovative ideas with others on our demand.That is the main way for the people to know about the good types of techniques to equip it.

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