Energy Transfer

March 22, 2010

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately, nothing in particular, but lots of pieces of information and images floating around my mind. These thoughts have always been there, but who has time to make sense of them in the fast paced society that we live in?
In an attempt to find out more about myself I decided to just let my thoughts wander and lead me.

I didn’t try to control or make sense of them, I just allowed them to take me where they would.

Everything on our planet is made up of atoms..the basic building blocks of matter, they have a positively charged nucleus with negatively charged particles flying around them.

So I think it would be fair to say that everything on our planet, and within our universe, is made up of a combination of both positive and negative energy (with of course things like dark matter and dark energy etc, but lets not get into semantics).

The Taoist have known this for a long time. The balance between the positive and the negative, the light and the dark, the male and the female, the Ying and the Yang.

This energy works on many different levels, and when we interact with other’s we can transfer our energy onto them, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. You can be walking down the street and a random person may catch your eye, then you connect to a smile, before you know it you are smiling back, and for that moment you feel that energy flow through you, you are suddenly filled with a warm happy feeling.

On the same note you can be in a great mood, things are going well, its a shiny day in your life. You meet up with a friend, your happy radiant energy shining away. This friend is bummed though, i mean really down, they tell you how bad life is, how work sucks, why there is simply just no point. Without realising it their negative energy has started to transfer onto you, and suddenly your day is a little less bright .

Now lets say you do good things all the time, you smile at people, you help people and you work constantly to ensure environmental issues are addressed etc. In fact you believe so much in your cause that you actively promote it, you tell all of your friends, family, everyone you meet. As always though. there are those who just don’t care about your cause, actually it seems as though they may be totally against you sometimes.

You continue to work passionately and you follow your beliefs, but now you are so wrapped up in your belief system that you actively start to resent those that either don’t understand you or simply don’t care. Why don’t they understand it? It angers you, which just motivates you more. “I’ll make them understand”.

I guess my point is that the universe doesn’t care about your intensions, she doesn’t care what your motives are, or for the reasons you are doing it. All the universe cares about is what energy you are transferring. What type of energy are you adding to the world that we live in?

It’s the combined energy from all of us that makes the word the place it is. Is not others who we need to change its only ourselves.

If you truly want to make a difference in the world all you need to do is share your positive energy with others, be universal with that energy. Telling someone something you like about them may not mean a lot you you, but could change that persons day. We don’t always have to see the results of our actions. I really believe this to be true, you may think i’m a little naive but thats ok 🙂

Im not sure if I made any real sense at all in this post, but thats just how my mind is, I only hope to find peace within myself. Sending positive thoughts peace & love to all of you.

Dan x


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