Fear: Friday 26th March

March 27, 2010

As a child I watched a lot of TV, resulting in me having many nightmares, I would wake up terrified, with images in my head tormenting me. I would hide under my duvet, closes my eyes and try to force the images away, trying to pretend they weren’t there. Having a active mind this never really worked.

What I never realised though is that I would have my eyes closed for the rest of my life, always pretending that the world was just fine, that those in charge would protect me just like my duvet did.

Looking back, I know there was no need to be afraid, that my duvet offered no protection, in fact it only added to my state, my mind would still be active, fearing the unknown.

I see the world like this today, our minds subjected to fear through the excess of media, with the governments (our duvet) capitalising on it. Its so easy to control a person in this state, you simply acknowledge their fear and tell them you can protect against it. Wether it be protection from terrorism, war, health, or the fear of loosing all of the possessions that we believe define’s us, you simply feed the fear.

To grow as humans we need to open our eyes and face our fears, only then can we see the world as it truly should be.

Peace, love & without fear.



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