Amsterdam 17 July 2010

July 17, 2010

So I’ve finally left my flat in Scotland, I have no real intentions of ever moving back there. I have no feelings about the place I just left, I will however always have emotions and feeling for my friends. I will never push these feeling aside, I will simply remember and smile to myself. (good times).

Right now I’m sat in my hotel room, a couple of my friends are here in Amsterdam as well. They’ve decided to head out for a wander, which means I can be alone with my thoughts. Its strange how we seek that place of solitary within ourselves, I do it more now than ever before, I spend the time in thought and at other times my mind is completely still.

I think ill just go and wander with my camera today, I enjoy wandering alone, not knowing where I’m going, or really where I’ve come from. Its through that solitary, that my connection to the world around me is realised.

peace & love



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