16/08/2010 Update

August 16, 2010

Thought I had best update my blog, I went to the SOS hospital in Phnom Penh, its an excellent hospital with English speaking and Khmer speaking doctors. I found the hospital to be clean and professional looking, the staff to be friendly, offering me tea and coffee (which I declined) then making sure I had a bed to lay in while I awaited my results. My doctor was Dr Reid from Australia, she made sure I was comfortable and then asked me what had happened. I explained the drama that unfolded the previous night, she nodded a lot then asked my permission to poke and generally examine me. After taking a lot of test taking, I was directed back to my bed to relax while I awaited my results.

I admit I fell asleep again, I’ve been sleeping constantly lately, with no energy at all. It was maybe an hour later when I finally got my results, I was checked on constantly though throughout this time.

The results showed that I have an infection which was restricting my breathing and thus causing me pain. I was given the option of either another dip or I could orally take medication. I decided to take the tablets, I’d had enough needles in me for one week. I was promptly provided with all the medication I needed and went to the cashier desk to pay (you didn’t expect this too be free did you). I was surprised that my bill was only $150.

If your in PP and you do become ill then I highly recommend going to the SOS clinic rather than any of the other local ones. Im not saying they where bad or anything, I just found the SOS clinic to be more familiar, this helps a lot when you’re not feeling at your best.

Now i’m in my hotel room, I’ve haven’t left it at all, I’ve barricaded myself in and Im simply resting. I purchased a couple of films to watch and also some healthy food form the supermarket. I will rest one more day before riding back to SSF. I still get tired pretty quickly at the moment and its an hours ride to do in pretty busy traffic. Don’t really want to face that when I feel like this.

I am very grateful for the experience I’ve had here in PP and believe that its helped me to look at things in a new light. There are so many people out here who don’t have access to the doctors or medication. Women, children, young, old all of them with an equal right to be here yet unable to have the same benefits as most of us take for granted. Why is that? it’s so easy not to see or even consider as the media doesn’t really report it.

To me its very sad that a little bit of paper is the arbiter between the rich and the poor, it doesn’t discriminate at all yet it can take’s away our natural human instinct to help others. We are not different we’ve simply adapted to our environments thats all. With all of this technology and science we should be able to help, protect and grow as a species. Yet we destroy, kill and regress ourselves and the very environment that provides us with life. I have no doubt that we will adapt, but its what we’re going to have to adapt to.

I guess we need the balance though, we need to see what we’re doing to know thats its not right. Change starts from within, and when we realise that every one of us can do the most amazing things and feel good about it, then maybe things will start to change. Ok i’ve rambled on enough, I’ve been thinking out loud while typing again.

peace & love and smiles



Im am writing todays blog on Sunday the 15/08/2010, it will soon become clear as to why.

I travelled to Phnom Penh on Friday, after immediately finishing my last class, I had to get my bike to the garage early and wanted to take some photos at a place called Lakeside, I was also meeting Tory, a friend I met on the site Travbuddy.

I Made it to Phnom Penh without incident, dropped the bike off at the garage, then checked onto my hotel (Fairlyland Guest house). Seconds later the heavens opened, feet of rain fell in moments. It was an impressive sight, I made the decision not to venture out.

Once the rain had stopped I got a Tuc-Tuc to lakeside where I was meeting Tory. I really didn’t like Lakeside at all, It was very westernised and I cringed at every bar I looked at. When Tory arrived I suggested that we leave and go to the river-front instead. We sat for a drink and chatted. (Tory was catching a bus to Vietnam that night so we only had a few hours), during our conversation I discovered Tory was a student of philosophy. Philosophy is something that I study and hold in high regard, as a tool to help me understand my journey and path. We got on so well that Tory agreed to get the bus to Vietnam the next day, allowing us to chat into the night.

I believe there is a reason for all things, you simply have to know it. Sometime you meet a complete stranger at a time that you really need it in your life, Tory was that stranger. We shared stories, life experiences and our own perception of the world. In doing so she helped me to re-attach to my core belief system and my reason for life. A truly amazing friend who I will keep in contact with.

The next day I called my friend Sovann to make arrangements to get Tory on her bus to Vietnam. Once done, my next mission was to find an aromatherapy shop, pickup some natural oils to assist in preventing insect bites. Now this is where things start to go a little funky!

I had just gone back to the hotel to quickly collect my camera, on my way down stairs I had a sudden pain in my abdomen and left side of my chest. It was agony but quickly subsided, I decided not to make a big deal of it and jumped in Sovann’s Tuc-Tuc and head to the shops (and of course take some photos). We had gone only a few streets when I got the same pain again, however it was getting worse. I immediately asked Sovann to take me back to the hotel so I could lie down, this was maybe about 14:00.

While in my room I started to get excruciation pain, It wasn’t a good sign, but I believe in fate and a reason for all things.

I woke constantly through the day and night in pain, finally at 22:00 it had become so bad the breathing was difficult and I was feeling dizzy. The truth is, the thought had gone through my head that this could be it, however I wasn’t afraid nor was I really worried, I was however in a lot of pain. I made the decision to contact Sovann again, he came straight over and too me to a local clinic.

As soon as I got to the clinic I explained the best i could what was wrong, it was difficult now as I was gasping for breath. They immediately put me on a drip, pushed needles in my arm, abdomen, groin, took blood, and pumped drugs into me. (this continued the entire night).

Things got a lot worse through-out the night. While rolling around in agony, I asked Sovann to pass me my camera. I decided that my blog was to be about my complete experience, this is something that I had to share. All of us have weaknesses because all of us are fragile humans, we try and project strength all the time and feel as though our weaknesses should be hidden (i refuse to believe this) this was my opportunity show another side of me, and to me this is the most important thing in my life.

I apologise in advance for the poor quality of photos taken.

I stayed at the clinic until about 15:00 today, i have now checked myself out. I am sill in pain but its not as intense, I am planing on heading to another hospital tonight, but its important for me to update my blog. It cost me approximately $350 at the clinic I was at. What about all these people who don’t have money?

To my friends I say don’t worry about me, you know I am responsible for my actions, I live my life free, without fear but with love and peace in my heart. I am truly thankful for the experiences I have i life.


Update as of 21:00
I will visit an english speaking doctor tomorrow, i must sleep now, i’m tired and ache.